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Meet Karen...

Karen works as a human rights lawyer in Honduras. At the organisation she works for she is responsible for advocacy in Honduras. Furthermore, her mission deals with urban and sexual violence. She is currently working on the first protocol for the care of victims and survivors of sexual violence in Honduras. She has been a human rights advocate since 2007. Beside her work as a lawyers Karen also works with young feminists and works on the topic of sexual and reproductive rights. Moreover, she is involved in an organisation which seeks the decriminalization of abortion and conducts research on topics such as femicide and enforced disappearance of women and has provided legal counselling to relatives of victims.
One of the goals of Shelter City is to broaden the networks of our guests. Do you think you could help Omayma with her work or do you want her to speak at an event or something similar? Contact us and we will get in touch!
Keep in mind, this guest is no longer staying with us in Amsterdam, but we would be happy to forward your message so you can get in touch with her. 

Watch an interview of Justice and Peace with Karen



Since 2015, Amsterdam has recieved ceveral human rights defenders from all over the world defening a wide range of human rights. Click on one of the pictures below to read more about them and their work.  

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